Racing yachts are in the DNA of our team, from olympic champions to high performance yacht designers, or engineering experts. We have been successful in integrating this talent coming from such a diversity of experiences by keeping an open culture in the team and allowing ideas to flow from any direction.

Our common America’s Cup history, combined with the previous individual experiences of our team members in various positions across the industry, set our group at a unique place as high performance yacht design experts. We are able to provide design ideas, as well as analyze and optimize an existing design from a customer or assist, on the essential feedback between professional sailor/skipper and the design/performance team.

During the last two America’s Cup campaigns we developed our own in-house design and analysis tools, as most of the available commercial softwares were not suited for our specialist problems, or simply did not exist. In-house tool development has been a continuous part of the design process and allowed the team to contribute, and eventually, buy into the design philosophy.