The final practice race week begins today. The last chance for the team to line up against the competition, before the main event gets underway next week.

“This week is going to be really important for our final preparations”, said Artemis Racing’s Skipper Nathan Outteridge, who continued:

 “I’m happy with how we are racing but it has been incredibly close. We are currently balancing our time on the water to improve our sailing team skills, with time in the shed to improve the boat’s performance”.

 Team Manager Iain Percy is well aware that the team has had good results in the previous race weeks, but is careful not to give that too much weight.

“The team hasn’t really lost that many races in the previous two Race Weeks. That flatters us, and our speed is quite comparable with the top teams” but he stressed, “that counts for absolutely nothing. It means we are in the hunt but we need to make quite a few improvements to be in a strong position”.

Percy concluded, “It’s all about the relentless chasing after improvements and in this team, Artemis Racing, we are very motivated to keep pushing”.

Artemis Racing will not take part in the first day of practice racing today, whilst a number of upgrades are completed, but the team will be out racing later this week.