Artemis Racing is proud to announce a partnership with Rudy Project, ahead of the upcoming 35th America's Cup taking place this summer. As an Official Supporter and provider of eyewear, Rudy Project have provided Artemis Racing with top of the line sailing sunglasses.

“Its great to have the support of Rudy Project as we make our final preparations ahead of the 35th America’s Cup. Like ourselves, technology and innovation is integral to their industry and we share a number of common goals in that respect. Sailing these modern America’s Cup boats at nearly 50 knots is tough on our equipment, and our bodies, especially our eyes. The Airgrip’s Polar3FX lense and Peripheral Shield are perfect for our application on the water, both in terms of performance and safety”, said Iain Percy, Team Manager & Tactician of Artemis Racing

During training sessions and competition the Artemis Racing crew will wear a special edition of the Airgrip Sailing Sunglasses customized with the blue and yellow team colors. The Airgrip wraparound geometry ensures superior comfort and the cutting edge Polar3FX lenses eliminate glare while providing enhanced contrast and a relaxing color recognition experience. Airgrip also includes the Peripheral Shields, side removable rubber inserts which guarantee protection from wind, water and other atmospheric elements.

Rudy Project has also produced a special edition of the Spinhawk lifestyle sunglasses with the team’s colors and logo, for onshore wear.

We're very happy to support Artemis Racing in the next America's Cup” says Simone Barbazza, marketing director of Rudy Project. “Artemis Racing give us the opportunity to test our eyewear in one of the world’s toughest and famous sailing competitions. We'll provide the crew with our cutting edge eyewear solutions to help elevate Artemis Racing’s performance. The match between Rudy Project and Artemis Racing is perfect. We are both international brands that share the same commitment to excellence and passion for sailing”.



Airgrip Artemis Racing Special Edition - Polar 3FX Lenses

Airgrip Artemis Racing Special Edition - Multilaser Orange Lenses

Spinhawk Artemis Racing Special Edition - Multilaser Orange Lenses


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