Nathan Outteridge, Skipper of Artemis Racing, has a CV that holds up against any of his America’s Cup competitors, boasting Olympic gold and silver medals, multiple world championships gained all around the world, and now he leads one of the six America’s Cup teams vying to win the 35th America’s Cup, taking place in Bermuda in May and June 2017.

Off the water, Nathan says he and his team are “all nice people, we say the right things in interviews”, but when they’re on board their boat, and right form the moment racing begins, their whole demeanor switches into professional athlete and fierce competitor mode, saying “our goal is just to beat the other boat, and we do it through any means possible. You take the competition, you look them in the eye and it’s about being better than them. You take no prisoners on the water, that’s for sure.”

Fighting words indeed, from a man who is now into his second America’s Cup campaign, and now, four years on from the 34th America’s Cup in San Francisco, he believes he has developed both as a Skipper, knowing how to lead his team on and off the water, and in terms of his experience, having learnt an enormous amount in the four years since the last America’s Cup cycle.

Watch below to find out more about what makes this laid back Aussie tick, and what will give him and the Artemis Racing team a sense of pride when the action starts in Bermuda on May 26th 2017.

Source: www.americascup.com