“I’ve certainly put a lot into my America’s Cup and Olympic campaigns over the last 20 years and you give up a lot of other things that people in other walks of life take for granted, like a decent social life or seeing your friends more often. “But it’s the price you pay for something that is important to you.”

These are the words of Iain Percy, Team Manager and Tactician of Artemis Racing, winner of two gold Olympic medals, one silver Olympic medal and multiple European and world champion. In short, Iain is a winner.

The next challenge for the incredibly talented British sailor is to help his Artemis Racing team win the 35th America’s Cup, and his focus and determination on helping the Swedish outfit take the Auld Mug to Sweden means he won’t be having a more active social life, or seeing his friends, any more in the short term than he has over the last 20 years.

“The intellectual challenge of trying to solve all these problems collectively, as a unit, is fascinating.” Words you don’t expect to hear from a sailor, but this is part of what sets Percy apart. He may be a supremely talented athlete, but he’s also one of the more cerebral sailors out there, embracing the mental tasks that face him as Team Manager and Tactician as much as the physical challenge of racing an America’s Cup Class (ACC) boat in the 35th America’s Cup.

“You’re doing this for a team that you care about, and that’s the bit that matters to me.”

Again, another insight into what drives a man who has seen victory, defeat and experienced the tragic loss of his best friend and teammate Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson.